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Poachers given jail terms

Dec 03 2011

Two men convicted of poaching eagles will be jailed for their crimes. A Duncan judge sentenced Jerome Seymour to 48 days in jail and his cousin William Seymour to nine days in jail. Both sentences will be served on weekends.

The cousins argued at their April trial that it was their aboriginal right to possess eagle parts and that undercover officials entrapped them into killing and selling the birds.

Jerome Seymour was convicted of 16 counts of killing and selling 10 bald eagles, two swans and one kingfisher in Duncan, Ladysmith and Chilliwack between January and April 2006. He was initially charged with 27 counts. William Seymour was convicted of three of five counts.

"I have concluded that the principles of denunciation and deterrence require me to impose a jail sentence as our precious wildlife must be protected and a strong message sent," provincial court Judge Michael Hubbard said in sentencing the two men. He ruled that the cousins were poaching eagles for profit, not cultural reasons.

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