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Change in quitting time at CFB Esquimalt has little impact on traffic flow

Dec 08 2011

A strict adherence to quitting times at CFB Esquimalt has not had a noticeable impact on rush-hour traffic heading to the West Shore, according to drivers.

New orders from base management required all of the estimated 4,000 Department of National Defence staff to remain at the base until their shift ended at 4 p.m., which led to speculation about increased congestion along Admirals Road and the Old Island Highway.

Before the latest change, some staff had modified daily routines that allowed them to leave early to avoid the congested commute.

But fewer employees than expected had taken advantage of modified shifts.

"Most people already worked from 8 a.m. to

4 p.m. and those who didn't were the exception," said Lt. Commander Nathalie Garcia, of the Navy public affairs.

The afternoon commute home this week has not been any worse than it usually is for Colleen Donnelly, who works on the edge of Colwood (population about 15,000), at Merit Vacations on Sooke Road. "It hasn't changed, not that I've noticed anyway," she said.

West Shore RCMP report no increase in calls about traffic problems this week and B.C. Transit said buses along the route are dealing with usual congestion. "We haven't noticed any delays that are out of the ordinary," said transit spokeswoman Joanna Linsangan.

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