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UVic student's killer applies for parole

Dec 15 2011

A man found guilty of a murder in Victoria nearly 25 years ago is due to apply to the National Parole Board today for unescorted temporary absences, and day and full parole.

Scott Ian Mackay was convicted in 1989 for the murder of Marguerite Telesford, a 20-year-old University of Victoria student.

Telesford went missing Jan. 18, 1987 while jogging on Mount Douglas Cross Road.

Bloodstained ear muffs, puddles of blood, hairs, a shotgun shell and a crowbar were later found on the road. Telesford's body was never found.

A blue pompom, believed to have come from Telesford's tuque, was discovered by police in the undercarriage of MacKay's pickup truck.

Mackay was initially convicted of first-degree murder, which was reduced to second-degree murder upon appeal.

His trial attracted overflow crowds to the Victoria courthouse. Speakers were used to broadcast the proceedings to people in the hallway.

MacKay applied for parole in 2004, but was denied because he claimed he could not remember anything about the murder. He was eligible to apply for parole in 2006, but waived an application until now.

He is being held at Kwikwexwelhp Institution in Harrison Mills, near Chilliwack.

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