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Wandering gift arrives in time

Dec 24 2011

An errant Christmas package mailed from Vancouver Island that criss-crossed the country before being put on the right course has arrived at its destination.

Kelly Albucz, of North Saanich, mailed the parcel on Dec. 1. It included clothing for her 71-year-old mother, who lives in the small town of Callander outside North Bay, Ont.

But Albucz watched in dismay as Canada Post’s online tracking service showed the present making five trips across the country without getting near her parents’ house. A coding error had resulted in the package looping from Richmond to Mississauga, Ont., and back again. Albucz complained twice to Canada Post, but got no response until the Times Colonist began asking questions Wednesday. Then the Crown corporation pulled out all the stops, located the package and delivered it to the post office in Callander, where it was picked up.

Albucz was thrilled that the parcel finally got there and grateful for the newspaper’s assistance. As it turned, out the publicity was kind of a gift in itself for her father.

“My father was just thrilled that Canada Post got a bit of a comeuppance. He’s all about sticking it to the man,” Albucz said.

Her mother now has her outfits and “will be the talk of the town,” Albucz said.

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