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CRD's tsunami-threat models to be updated

Dec 29 2011

Updated models laying out areas of the Capital Regional District most at risk from a tsunami should soon be available.

The district is evaluating proposals for the mapping, which will update models made in 2004, said Travis Whiting, its senior manager of protective services.

"With all the recent world events . . . a lot of the methodology they used for modelling those tsunamis have been updated, based on real-life experience," Whiting said. "So we're updating the maps so that we're sure that the information we're doing our planning on is accurate."

Recent experiences of countries such as Japan means there is more information than ever before to draw from, Whiting said.

The models will help in developing potential evacuation routes and should assist developers deciding where to build, he added.

"In their simplest form, they are a run-up map. So they tell you where we can expect the water to come up to if a tsunami were to hit."

It is difficult to predict how much has changed from 2004, Whiting said.

"I don't see that there's going to be broad, widesweeping changes necessarily," he said. "It's really just making sure what we are using is the best information on hand."

A consultant for the $60,000 project should be contracted by mid-January, with work completed in about eight to 12 weeks.

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