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Thief or wrong house?

Jan 04 2012

Saanich police arrested a man who was either a burglar crippled by extreme intoxication or a very drunk intruder crashing into what he thought was his own house. It happened 2 a.m. Dec. 30 at a home in the 1500-block of Brodick Crescent, said police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

A sleeping homeowner was awakened by a loud crash and saw that someone had kicked in his front door and broken the window. He saw a man notsostealthily hiding behind the Christmas tree, "trying to make himself skinny," Jantzen said.

The intruder tried to flee out the back door but the homeowner restrained him - in fact, he wrestled him to the ground and sat on him until police arrived. The 27-year-old Saanich man faces break and enter charges.

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